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Straight Teeth Treatment

Bank View Smile Studios

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Clear Braces & Invisalign® Aligners

Are You Unhappy With Your Smile? Do You Avoid Having Your Photo Taken? Are You Embarrassed By Your Crooked Teeth?

Straight Teeth Clear Braces At Bank View Smile Studios in Blackburn can give you the straight, white smile of your dreams in just a matter of months.

That’s right, the smile you have always wanted is available in Blackburn with our Straight Teeth Clear Braces, and you’ll be surprised, they are not as expensive as you may think!

Bank View Smile Studios wants you to have a smile that you can be proud of, and with recent scientific improvements within the world of clear and invisible braces we can make this possible for you!

So the great news for you is that you don’t have to hide your smile anymore! You too can have straight teeth today like your favourite celebrities.

Before we go any further, let us share some of the lovely reviews that our straight teeth patients have left for us…

What our patients think of their braces treatment

wahaab A.
This place is great especially the dentist Dr Khalid really listens to the patient and has helped with many of my dental emergencies over the years in my latest session he fixed my damaged brace allowing me to get back on track with my dental success 10/10 would recommend 😊 👍
Faisal A.
Choosing the right dentist:
 I conducted thorough online research to find the best dentist in the northwest. After considering factors like past accolades and top reviews, I followed my instincts and chose Bankview.First impression of the service: 
The staff at Bankview are exceptional. Meeting... Khalid Master for the first time was a pleasant experience. He was articulate, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain how he could enhance my teeth according to my preferences. Khalid's professionalism, prompt communication, and genuine interest in my dental goals left a lasting impression. His expertise and personalised approach made me feel at ease throughout the process.Dental concerns and treatment plan:
 My initial issues included a cross-bite, discoloured teeth, and uneven alignment. Despite the complexity of my case, Khalid assured me that he would strive to achieve straighter teeth without the need for surgery or braces. The treatment plan involved a comprehensive approach using porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns, and a bridge. These procedures were tailored to address various aspects like shape, size, color, position, crossbites, and missing teeth simultaneously. Remarkably, this transformation was achieved without the use of braces or causing any damage to my natural teeth.Results and satisfaction:
 Within the promised timeframe of 8 months, Khalid successfully transformed my smile. The outcome exceeded my expectations, earning a perfect 10/10 rating. I am immensely grateful for the life-changing results he delivered without compromising my natural teeth.Recommendation: 
Based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Bankview Dentist. If you value exceptional service, expertise, and a personalised approach to dental care, you are likely to have a similarly positive more
Nazifa S.
I had an emergency on Friday evening after working hours and Dr Khalid saw me instantly and treated me straight away. He put my mind at peace and ease and advised me precisely on my further steps with taking care of my teeth.
Marihah N.
I have been given advice for taking care of my mouth and teeth whilst having braces. They are very good and patient whilst explaining why I need to use certain tools to improve my teeth posture and health. This is a good place to take care of your teeth and is invested in helping and improving... certain thingsread more
Dawid R.
It is not a revelation to why this private dental clinic has been nominated and in occasions, won recent multiple awards.Dr Khalid Master extensively assesses presenting complains from the patient and shines light to the unknown. He elaborately discusses issues and anomalies in the teeth to take... a rectified approach on a treatment plan that empowers potential to transform your smile and confidence. This has been always achieved without any nuances from my 2 days of observation, where he is persistent to the challenges he has faced and in endeavour, actively listened to his realisations to understand how he is able to adapt in such complicated situations. He is truly motivated and invested in everyone's oral health, as evident when he routinely sees loyal patients throughout the past years.I recommend every aspiring dentist to undertake work experience here by his silhouette. He has a cohesive teaching style that enabled me to not only take notes of dentistry in general and how it works, but to be open-minded and appreciate the development it progressed from 'back in the days' to now. I have learned so much in a short span, where my time was revitalised by the variety of patients that came in for different procedures, especially with the dentist's dynamic engagement.The dentist cannot steal all the credit, though. The whole team definitely deserved my earnest gratitude. Without them, there would not be homely foundation for the dentist to embrace in, as well as redemption for the people that are seeking to mitigate tedious throbbing sensations or for a startling smile. They enforce that you have the knowledge needed to maintain crystal clear hygiene, you have been reserved a booking for a dentist for whatever the personal reason, and you are cared for in your visit.Thank you Dr Khalid Master and the team. Without you, this practise would not be outstanding as it is. Keep it up!read more
My mum brought me there and I remember being a bit nervous but now having met Dr Khalid, Bushra and everyone, I absolutely love it there!I had to get my braces for the first time and I’ll admit i was scared but if it wasn’t for Dr Khalid and Bushra I would’ve been a lot more worried. They took... care of my teeth so well and it was painless effort.Im only 13 years old and Dr Khalid managed to transform my teeth in only half a year! There was a time where my braces were removed and my teeth slowly moved back. But Dr Khalid and Bushra wasted no time and transformed my teeth with only 2 months to spare. And today my braces are finally off and everything feels goodIm so grateful to everyone at Bank View and I love everyone there!Thank you so so so so so much!- Mehreen Sayedread more
“Wow! Oh My God” Was Anthony’s response to seeing his new smile
You can achieve a celebrity smile in a matter of months and all at a price you can afford.

So what are Straight Teeth Braces? Straight Teeth Braces are fitted to your teeth gently apply pressure, which will start to move your teeth into the correct position, meaning that your teeth will no longer overlap and you can walk away with a great, straight smile.

Furthermore the braces we use are clear, so they are virtually invisible! This means that most people won’t even realise that you are wearing braces.

The result is you can now have a celebrity smile in only 3-6 months!

Bank View offer the most appropriate brace system for you, to fit your budgets, your timescales and your lifestyle.

  • Crystal clear braces
  • Virtually invisible braces and aligners
  • Orthodontics for fast results
  • Fixed or removable
  • Payment options to help spread the cost

Request Your Free Guide

Are You Interested In Changing Your Smile?

We offer a completely FREE Guide to Straight Teeth Clear Braces in Blackburn. This guide can be sent to you by post or you can read it online, the choice is yours.

The Straight Teeth guide contains all the information that you will need, and answers questions like – What Are Invisible Braces? Should I go for Fast Braces or 6 month smiles? And, how much do Clear Braces cost?

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Invisalign Clear Aligners

Virtually Invisible Aligners That Won’t Hamper Your Lifestyle

Our crystal clear aligners from Invisalign are ideal if you would like to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.

The clear aligners are moulded to fit your teeth and can be easily removed for eating, brushing your teeth and the occasional evening out, making them a popular choice with many people.

There are no sharp edges or individual brackets meaning they are comfortable and irritation-free. You will be welcomed back regularly to review progress as your custom-made aligners transform your smile by moving your teeth to their desired position little by little – whilst you hardly notice you are wearing them!

Average treatment time is 12 – 24 months.

5 Reasons why so many people love invisalign

Straightens teeth with no unsightly or uncomfortable braces

No-one knows that you are wearing the Invisalign aligners, unless you tell them!

You can brush and floss your teeth as normal

You can remove the aligners to eat your favourite foods

If you are between the age of 13 – 80 you could be suitable!

“They Look Absolutely Amazing” Says Simon

Am I Too Old For Clear Braces?

No! We are treating people well into their 60’s with braces. We want our patients to be proud to show off their smiles, laugh without embarrassment and look forward to having their photograph taken. Too many adults force themselves to smile with their lips clamped firmly together and shy away from cameras, but now you certainly don’t need to be one of them.

Can I Spread The Cost Of Clear Braces?

Yes of course. Our adult orthodontics are fairly priced and we offer interest free payment plans that allows you to have the treatment you want straight away but pay for it in bite-sized chunks.

“The Joy Of Seeing Your Brand New Smile”

Straight Teeth Systems At Bank View

Fast Braces For Straighter Teeth In Just A Matter Of Months

Fastbraces is a type of clear brace that we offer.  The way Fastbraces works is to allow movement of the roots of your teeth, gently pushing them towards their final positions. The result is a fantastic new, straight smile.

Meaning you too can have a fantastic straight smile in just a matter of months.

Fastbraces is a rapid alternative to many of the traditional orthodontic treatments available.  It’s a quick and easy way to give you a straight smile and it’s affordable.

In addition, what makes Fastbraces different from other straight teeth systems is that it uses bracket and specially shaped wire to change the position of your tooth.

We have highlighted 7 key benefits of the Fast Braces Straight Teeth System

  1. Speed – your braces are designed in a specific way to move your teeth, creating a straight smile in a shorter time frame than most conventional braces. Usually you can have a straight new smile between 3-8 months
  2. Almost always non extraction – In the majority of cases there is no need to extract your healthy teeth.
  3. Minimal discomfort – This revolutionary technology causes your moving teeth to grow their own bone which makes enough space for them to align.
  4. Your natural bite is preserved.
  5. Low cost compared to other straight teeth systems.
  6. You will only need to wear a retainer for a short amount of time after your treatment.
  7. Lifetime commitment from the company.
Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces In The North West

We are very excited to offer patients in Blackburn, Clitheroe and Ribble Valley revolutionary new cosmetic braces from Six Month Smiles that allows them to straighten their teeth by their next dental appointment.

Bank View are one of only a handful of practices in the North West to provide Six Month Smiles adult orthodontic therapy.

  • Straight Teeth FAST! Treatment times: 4 – 8 months
  • Ultra-clear braces, translucent elastics and tooth coloured arch wires
  • Painless due to light forces spread over 12 teeth
  • Better smile profile due to development of optimal premolar position
  • Rarely involves tooth extraction
  • Astonishing results
  • Flexible payment options
  • Get in touch for a consultation

How Does It Work?

Six Month Smiles treatment is straightforward, painless and ideal for improving the symmetry and harmony of the teeth, rounding out arches, improving overbite and alleviating crowding. Once a month patients visit us to have new tooth-coloured/camouflaged wires and elastics, and to make sure their teeth are moving as they should.

Aren’t Braces Just For Teenagers?

Certainly not! At Bank View Smile Studios we are seeing more and more adults opting for orthodontic treatment and Six Month Smiles is popular because it is highly successful. Many people are put off by the appearance of a metal ‘Ugly Betty’ brace, pain and discomfort, the length of time they assume orthodontic treatment takes and some even think they will have to have natural, healthy teeth taken out – but that’s not the case with Six Month Smiles.

It does not involve extractions and is discreet, painless and fast acting.

Fast Acting Inman Aligners In Blackburn, Lancashire

The Inman Aligner is a fast-acting, removable brace for adults that achieves fantastic results and is great value.

The aligner is designed to treat the upper and lower front teeth only and can be easily removed if you want to go out socialising or have a meal.

  • Great results at a great price
  • Have straight teeth in a matter of weeks
  • Removable to fit in with your lifestyle
  • Flexible payment options
  • Get in touch for a consultation

How Does It Work ?

Inman Aligners can achieve great results in 6 to 18 weeks and work by gently guiding the front teeth into an ideal position quickly and effectively.Gentle forces are active over a large range of movement, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly

Invisible Braces That Straighten Teeth Discreetly

Smilelign is a pioneering clear orthodontic aligner system for patients who really don’t want anyone to know that they are wearing braces.

So if discretion is the name of the game for you, these aligners are your perfect match.

  • Practically invisible
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Short treatment times
  • Predictable end result
  • Comfortable and gentle
  • Removable so you are in control
  • Clinically effective
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable payment options
  • Get in touch for a consultation 

How Does It Work?

Using state of the art 3D CADCAM technology the patient’s models are scanned using a white light scanner and then the intelligent software analyses the treatment requirements and the number of aligners required to achieve the desired result.

The 3D data is then sent to the prescribing dentist to review with the patient. Once approval has been granted by both parties, the aligners will be manufactured and delivered within a fortnight.

I’m Interested In Getting Straighter Teeth, What Do I Do Next?

If you have always desired a straighter, more perfect smile and want to find out more about our range of brace options, take advantage of our complimentary, no obligation consultation with our care coordinator. Whether time, budget or visibility is your priority, we will have a brace option that suits.

Request A “Calm & Gentle” 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios.

Request A "Calm & Gentle" 36 Point Comprehensive Smile And Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios

For Your Comprehensive Assessment Which Requires An Investment Of £125 And Includes:

At least a 30-minute appointment with one of our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dentists who will carefully listen to your frustrations and goals before informing you on how, and in what ways, Calm & Gentle Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Following the judgement free initial conversation, your dentist will then give you a complete dental assessment to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and smile using various high definition digital radiographs (x rays) and high resolution digital photos available to view together within seconds. They will then explain each report in jargon free language to assist complete understanding. And finally, we can then present you with several options to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Summary of the 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment benefits are:

  1. Address your concerns and desires without judgement
  2. Complete assessment of your smile with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  3. Discuss fully costed treatment options suitable for you
  4. See suitable Before & After photos and Patient Testimonials as necessary
  5. Offer of Interest free or longer term finance options.