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Bank View Smile Studios

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Dr. Thomas is an amazing dentist, who takes the time to understand and talk to his patients ensuring they are comfortable throughout. His gentle approach and and attention to detail makes every visit a positive experience. Couldn’t recommend enough 😃
Marisa B.
Had a temporary denture fitted and the tooth came off this was a friday night panicked, as had a presentation the following afternoon. Khalid and his team came to the rescue, repaired, refitted and looked better than ever and was able to face the public. Thank you so much, fantastic support ❤️
ougy ay Л.
Been at this dentist for 5 years now and you can't fault here. Staff are extremely welcoming and polite. Dr Khalid is so knowledgeable and has helped me improve my teeth significantly in the last 5 years. Never felt more comfortable to go to a dentist. Highly recommend for yourself, family and friends!
You could not fault this place. I recommend everyone to go here! Staff are brilliant. I wish I could show everyone my before and after with my fillings, caps everything... Before it was awful, now my teeth looks amazing, thanks to Thomas and his team!! And the hygienist, my god she does a wonderful job! Here is a before and after.
Phenomenal dental practice. I am used to seeing Khaled and his service is impeccable. He is highly knowledgeable and explains everything concisely and thoroughly. The dental hygienist is also very gentle and you leave feeling confident with a clean mouth. Pricing is also very reasonable especially if you go on a plan can’t see myself going anywhere else.
Faisal A.
Choosing the right dentist:
 I conducted thorough online research to find the best dentist in the northwest. After considering factors like past accolades and top reviews, I followed my instincts and chose Bankview.First impression of the service: 
The staff at Bankview are exceptional. Meeting Khalid Master for the first time was a pleasant experience. He was articulate, knowledgeable, and took the time to explain how he could enhance my teeth according to my preferences. Khalid's professionalism, prompt communication, and genuine interest in my dental goals left a lasting impression. His expertise and personalised approach made me feel at ease throughout the process.Dental concerns and treatment plan:
 My initial issues included a cross-bite, discoloured teeth, and uneven alignment. Despite the complexity of my case, Khalid assured me that he would strive to achieve straighter teeth without the need for surgery or braces. The treatment plan involved a comprehensive approach using porcelain veneers, zirconia crowns, and a bridge. These procedures were tailored to address various aspects like shape, size, color, position, crossbites, and missing teeth simultaneously. Remarkably, this transformation was achieved without the use of braces or causing any damage to my natural teeth.Results and satisfaction:
 Within the promised timeframe of 8 months, Khalid successfully transformed my smile. The outcome exceeded my expectations, earning a perfect 10/10 rating. I am immensely grateful for the life-changing results he delivered without compromising my natural teeth.Recommendation: 
Based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Bankview Dentist. If you value exceptional service, expertise, and a personalised approach to dental care, you are likely to have a similarly positive experience.
Very happy with the excellent work done on my front two teeth by Khalid. I lost confidence with my smile and felt my front two teeth were very sensitive. The issue was fixed through having a composite bonding procedure performed by Khalid my dentist. It was cheap, painless, no laboratories, quick, and nobody could tell I've had work done on them!Definately recommend this dentist if your after cosmetic work to your teeth also!
I had the incredible opportunity to spend two days at this dental clinic for work experience, under the guidance of Dr. Khalid Master, and I couldn't be more impressed. Dr. Master was an absolute gem in accommodating me and ensuring that my time there was both educational and enriching.Throughout my stay, Dr. Master displayed an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism. He patiently answered all the questions I had, providing explanations that were detailed enough to satisfy my curiosity yet presented in a manner that was easy to grasp. His ability to simplify complex concepts without compromising on depth truly stood out.What truly set Dr. Master apart was his dedication to providing a holistic understanding of dental procedures. He didn't just go through the motions; instead, he meticulously explained the significance of each step within the dental field and even from a business perspective. This approach not only deepened my appreciation for the intricacies of dentistry but also broadened my understanding of its broader implications.Overall, my experience at this dental clinic surpassed all expectations, thanks to Dr. Khalid Master's expertise, patience, and commitment to mentorship. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an outstanding professional, and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking top-notch dental care and mentorship.
Ashraf G.
I've been Khalid's patient for a few years. Unfortunately I developed severe dental anxiety about three years ago and put off visiting the dentist. I finally plucked up the courage to go in June 2023. I sent an email with my concerns and Khalid was very understanding and reassured me. I needed a filling which Khalid did for me as quickly as he could as he works professionally but at a good speed to ensure I was not in the chair longer than I needed to be.I developed an abscess and also needed a root canal which he did for me in September. I was very nervous but Khalid kept me informed of what he was doing throughout. He showed me the xrays after and it was meticulous. Khalid has saved three of my teeth which I know would have been pulled out by many other dentists. Thank you Khalid. Although I'll never look forward to visiting the dentist, I know that I will always be dealt with professionally and with understanding. Thankyou Bank View. [My wife's review ]
Nazifa S.
I had an emergency on Friday evening after working hours and Dr Khalid saw me instantly and treated me straight away. He put my mind at peace and ease and advised me precisely on my further steps with taking care of my teeth.
My experience at Bank View Smile Studios has been unparalleled in terms of fulfillment, education, and excitement, making it the most rewarding work experience I've ever completed. This award-winning practice has instilled in me a profound understanding of the intricacies of dentistry.Kathy was very helpful and communicated swiftly in organising my experience.Dentist Khalid showcased exceptional skill and professionalism. His experience in navigating complex situations, as well as their dedication to patient interest, left a lasting impression. I witnessed firsthand his commitment to answering questions and providing comprehensive explanations, even dedicating extra time beyond his working hours. He educated me on many key dental procedures, including the 36-point procedure that is followed in the general check up we all have. I gained a unique insight into the future of dentistry as a degree and as a career, which will boost my UCAS application.Throughout my two days, I observed many smiles transformed. I left the studio with a smile, truly inspired by the exceptional level of healthcare provided by the staff further strengthening my career choice into dentistry.The breadth and depth of Khalid's 23+ years of experience was profound. Each and every patient was treated with respect and courtesy.
Sami E.
Dr. Khalid is a very professional yet friendly orthodontist. He located and fixed all issues with my teeth quickly and perfectly. Very pleased with my treatment.
10 stars for Bank View for giving me back my confidence in visiting the Dentist. I came to see Khalid after avoiding dental visits for many years. My treatment was planned in 3 phases & explained thoroughly.I am very happy & would recommend anyone reluctant to have any treatment done to visit Khalid & his nurse Bee, this team holds to its calm & gentle motto. Look forward to seeing them in the new year 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
hamzah D.
Thank you Bank View for taking care of my teeth, Khalid & Bee always go the extra mile. I had ortho treatment done elsewhere with a fixed retainer fitted at the end of treatment which kept failing. Khalid is my regular dentist who helped to fix this problem and I have had no issues since. Thank you to all the team
By far the best dentist in the whole of Blackburn with the best services. Dr khalid truly makes sure you are happy with the service before he lets you leave and makes sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your treatment. Checks teeth thoroughly and makes sure you’re left with a big smile. Im so grateful we have thier dentist id be lost without them! Thankyou for a lovely and great service everytime!
Muneer M.
I saw Dr khalid Master for an assessment of my oral hygiene and some cosmetic work of my teeth. It’s been a long time coming and there was lots of information I had to digest in this appointment to ensure I was looking after my teeth. This included complex steps to achieve the perfect smile I wanted. Khalid was able to easily break it down and provide me with a step by step breakdown of affordable costs, ensuring I was fully informed at all points. As a doctor myself, I saw the good communication he has practiced over the years implemented to the highest standard. Dentistry may not be my field but I felt safe, comfortable and fully informed as his patient and I will definately be taking away some of his communication skills! The staff at the practice were really helpful in booking appointments and making the practice accessible for me around my busy rota. 5/5 stars!!
Marihah N.
I have been given advice for taking care of my mouth and teeth whilst having braces. They are very good and patient whilst explaining why I need to use certain tools to improve my teeth posture and health. This is a good place to take care of your teeth and is invested in helping and improving certain things
Areefa G.
I was fortunate to be able to do 2 days of Work experience here at Bank View Smile Studios. I am very grateful for the opportunity as I got to shadow Dr Khalid during my time. At first, I was surprised to see that every patient which walked into Dr Khalids office had a big smile on their face and looked very happy to be there, and how he was able to establish a good rapport with everyone. This was until he explained to me that dentist appointments should be much more than just a quick check-up twice a year for patients, but also a place where they feel valued and comfortable, which Dr Khaild managed to do successfully with everyone.I also appreciated how detailed and in depth Dr khalid explained what he was/wasn’t happy about regarding patients oral health. After showing me some before and after pictures of some patients teeth, I was amazed at their transformation and how dentistry also has the potential to change people’s lives.Again, I am very grateful for this opportunity as Dr Khalid has further inspired me to pursue a career in dentistry with the goal of being as knowledgeable and as easy to communicate with like him.
Graham T.
I've been a long standing patient of the practice, more than 25 years but the last 13 years I've been under the care of Dr Khalid Master who is absolutely fabulous. I used to be quite nervous about my dental visits and went because I have to rather than want to, but ever since Khalid arrived all that changed completely. I actually look forward to my visits and dont mind having injections because he does them painlessly. In fact I was treated today because I had a filling repair with NO anaesthetic at all and I honestly didnt feel a thing and I was entertained by the dental nurse Bushra who is also excellent. I believe Khalid is a dental magician and I would highly recommend him and Bank View Dental practice. I would give more than 5 stars if I could because the care and service is faultless.
Emma T.
12 months ago my NHS dentist basically wrote me off. I was told my teeth were loose and there was nothing that could be done. I was living on porridge and soup as I was scared of a tooth falling out. A year later, thanks to Thomas and Lynn I have teeth I can chew with and a new found confidence in going to the dentist. The team have all been wonderful but Thomas and Lynn have really gone the extra mile to be gentle and encouraging. THANK YOU
Ian B.
Many thanks to Khalid and the team for my new smile! Always highly professional, an outstanding, calm and gentle service as ever. Excellent dentistry. Very best wishes.
Dawid R.
It is not a revelation to why this private dental clinic has been nominated and in occasions, won recent multiple awards.Dr Khalid Master extensively assesses presenting complains from the patient and shines light to the unknown. He elaborately discusses issues and anomalies in the teeth to take a rectified approach on a treatment plan that empowers potential to transform your smile and confidence. This has been always achieved without any nuances from my 2 days of observation, where he is persistent to the challenges he has faced and in endeavour, actively listened to his realisations to understand how he is able to adapt in such complicated situations. He is truly motivated and invested in everyone's oral health, as evident when he routinely sees loyal patients throughout the past years.I recommend every aspiring dentist to undertake work experience here by his silhouette. He has a cohesive teaching style that enabled me to not only take notes of dentistry in general and how it works, but to be open-minded and appreciate the development it progressed from 'back in the days' to now. I have learned so much in a short span, where my time was revitalised by the variety of patients that came in for different procedures, especially with the dentist's dynamic engagement.The dentist cannot steal all the credit, though. The whole team definitely deserved my earnest gratitude. Without them, there would not be homely foundation for the dentist to embrace in, as well as redemption for the people that are seeking to mitigate tedious throbbing sensations or for a startling smile. They enforce that you have the knowledge needed to maintain crystal clear hygiene, you have been reserved a booking for a dentist for whatever the personal reason, and you are cared for in your visit.Thank you Dr Khalid Master and the team. Without you, this practise would not be outstanding as it is. Keep it up!
Mark C.
I have just finished my treatment that has completely transformed my smile. The confidence I have gained is huge and I have never been happier. Thomas was amazing throughout, very reassuring and passionate about his work. Aliyah was great too. I can't thank them both enough for all they have done and I would recommend bank view smile studio to anyone and everyone. Truly a 5 star dentist and very friendly staff throughout.
As a highly anxious person, going to the dentist is something I would constantly avoid. However, after attending Bank View Smile Studios, my trust within the dentist is restored! Dr Khalid Master has a gentle approach and an eye for detail. He explains and translate the dental jargon into something none specialist can understand making me feel very comfortable. I'm proud to say, I am no longer worried or anxious when going to the dentist, but actually look forward to treatment. Dr Master has transformed my teeth, and this has meant I actually get a few compliments when I'm out over how white and natural my teeth look! I love going back to get my zoom teeth whitening. Thank you Dr Master - forever grateful.
John M.
I would like to thank the of the wonderful staff and Bank view Smile Studio for giving me the opportunity to work shadow the Dentist there. The calm, relaxed atmosphere they have created at this practice drives a welcoming, warm message to whomever walks through these doors.I truly believe that this event really challenged my previous perspective of Dentistry; I now learn that there is an entire multidisciplinary team that seamlessly works alongside the Dentist ensuring patient satisfaction and exceptional care.I would like to take this moment to really appreciate the demeanor of the Dentist named Dr. Khalid Master who, through his compassionate attitude and understanding, tailored his teachings to give me a greater insight into the Technics, philosophies and politics of Dentistry. Khalid's witty approach and talent to build instant rapport marks him as one of the best Dentists who can make his patients and team feel valued and respected.I truly believe Dr. Khalid Master is a great mentor and I would definitively recommend Bank View Smile Studios to anyone who looks to embark on gaining work experience into Dentistry.Once again, Thank you Bank View Smile StudioJohn Melord
My mum brought me there and I remember being a bit nervous but now having met Dr Khalid, Bushra and everyone, I absolutely love it there!I had to get my braces for the first time and I’ll admit i was scared but if it wasn’t for Dr Khalid and Bushra I would’ve been a lot more worried. They took care of my teeth so well and it was painless effort.Im only 13 years old and Dr Khalid managed to transform my teeth in only half a year! There was a time where my braces were removed and my teeth slowly moved back. But Dr Khalid and Bushra wasted no time and transformed my teeth with only 2 months to spare. And today my braces are finally off and everything feels goodIm so grateful to everyone at Bank View and I love everyone there!Thank you so so so so so much!- Mehreen Sayed
Heath R.
Hi , Just to share with people like me who are terrified of dentists. I have just been for my 6 monthly check up and hygenist appointment. Khalid in formed me that a tooth had a vertical fracture and needed to be extracted!!.....My worst nightmare was realised. He had my tooth out within 15 mins and i felt absolutely NOTHING....what a star!! I cannot express enough just had professional,caring and relaxing this team are. From the moment you first walk in the door to leaving.Thank you for your care. Please rest assured that this is a first rate practice run by first rate people with a genuine caring nature.
Turaab H.
I did my work experience here under Khalid. Great insight into the life of a dentist with no filters and will completely free you of any doubts in regards to the dental field.. Also great detail is provided by the dentists as they assist you through difficult topics in the dental field. They also inform you of secrets such as soft skills and rapport which are less talked about yet just as important as the actual dental skills and knowledge. A truly phenomenal experience.
Minhaj K.
Having my work experience at Bank View has been an eye-opener for me, as it has allowed me to learn in-depth the intricacies of each aspect of dentistry. Dr Khalid Master, the dentist I shadowed, didn't shy away from teaching and explaining new concepts to me, and I am grateful that he gave me the opportunity to do so, especially given the current situation with the shortage of placements. I got to meet lot of patients of varying backgrounds, and I observed how the manner in which Dr Master communicated with each one varied slightly from patient to patient, but kept the same formula: calm and gentle treatment, with the patient at the forefront of all that they do. It is no wonder that every patient left with a beaming smile! I would like to thank all the staff at Bank View for their continued effort to serve the community and all aspiring dentists like myself. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for the best treatment or work experience.
Aleesha M.
I did my work experience at Bank View Smile Studios with Dr Khalid Master and I would recommend aspiring dentists to complete their work placements here.Dr Master went through challenging, new concepts with me and it was never a dull moment in the dental clinic. He also gave me a few dental topics to write about after the work day to further develop my understanding of Dentistry. The patients that I had met whilst on the placement highly praised him for his work.The other dental staff were also very welcoming and friendly to me. They would answer any queries I had and it was easy to have conversations with them.
A great experianceAlthough it was only 2 days, i feel like i have learnt a weeks worth of pertinent informationBefore i thought observing would be boring, but my viewpoint has compeltely changed, thanks to Dr khalidI am further glad that i decided to change my future aspirations from accounting to dentistry 2 years agoAnd i beleive that if still wanted to do accounting, coming here and experiencing a day (or 2 in my case) in the life of a professional dentist would have made me change immediately
Sheraz B.
I had 2 days work experience at Bankview smile studio and the experience was exceptional and very informative. This was not a normal standard work experience but involved making a small video of reasons for choosing dentistry answering a comprehensive questionnaire about dentistry and dental practice. This helped my understanding the profession more and I had opportunity to shadow dentist, see types of treatments, ask questions and also make my own teeth models from scratch. Thank you so much for making my experience great and this has enabled me to make a more clearer decision on wanting to study further in dentistry. Thank you Sifa Noor Butt
Abdullah S.
I recently completed work experience at this amazing dental practice. I was shadowed by Dr Master, an talented and incredibly intelligent individual who personally tailored me and showed me a wide range of skills which would be needed to be successful in Dentistry. I applied at many dental practices for work experience, but Bank View Studios were the only dental practice which replied back to me and gave me a heartfelt welcome into their practice. I first hand witnessed many complex dental procedures but was awe-struck as the procedure would be completed to perfection each time. Every patient left with a huge and a newly transformed smile!I would like to thank all the friendly staff and especially Dr Master from the bottom of my heart for giving up their precious time and helping me with any problems I had and helping me purse my career as a dentist. I would highly recommend this brilliant dental practice to all!
Zoya A.
I came here as part as my work experience and found the atmosphere very inviting and safe, the patients all seemed very comfortable and happy, the dental team are very lovely and kind and always try to do the best for you and always listen to your concerns, amazing dental clinic overall.
Samara K.
As a year 12 student aspiring to become a dentist, work experience is crucial not only to add to your personal statement for university, but also to gain an insight and better understanding of being a dentist. I am very grateful that Bank View Smile Studios gave me the opportunity to shadow at their dental practice for 2 days, especially since gaining work experience at dental practices are extremely hard to find.Within the first 10 minutes, I already felt comfortable after being welcomed by the wonderful receptionists and given a tour by Kathy Smith. Whilst shadowing khalid, I learnt alot of valuable things not only by observing him interact with his patients, but what he talked to me about. Through observing him, I learnt the importance of having a good rapport with your patients: all patients were treated with great care and khalid also explained in depth to them the causes and treatments to their oral problems in order to educate them on how they can improve their oral health. The patients trust Khalids advice and Khalid trusts them to take his advice which helps to maintain the strong rapport. During the free time we had, khalid taught me many things including: what I can do after university, dental drills, dental code, different sectors in dentistry, different types of practices, the importance of having a dental licence and the importance of having manual dexterity. After leaving the dental practice, all this knowledge made me more confident in wanting to pursue a career in dentistry.While shadowing, what really stood out to me was the amazing teamwork. Khalid and the dental nurse, B worked well together, giving the best quality of treatment to every patient and demonstrated why this is an award winning practice.
Abdussaboor S.
Had a work placement here and all I can say is professionalism is just amazing. One of the best, if not the best placement so far. all the staff were extremely polite to me and the dentist, Dr Khalid, gave me an immense amount of knowledge I never had before. Definitely would recommend upcoming dentists to get a placement here.
Muhammad H.
I was fortunate enough to complete work experience here under the amazing Dr Khalid, who gave me a whole new insight and an expansion of the world of dentistry. He despite my many misconceptions was able to introduce and explain to me new topics and concepts which I had not even heard of. Also, with his astounding treatment of his patients it is no surprise each one of them leaves the dentist with a smile (a beautiful smile of course!) He has only enhanced my desire to become a dentist and cannot thank him enough. So for anybody wondering, Dr Khalid and his team are not only great dentists but also great people, hence why this dentist is amazing in terms of its atmosphere and the results and outcomes it achieves. 10/10 would recommend to all.
Saj M
As a mum of a patient who needed urgent dental care, we were seen on the same day and the staff from reception to the dentist have been exceptional - a practice that "does what is says on the tin"!!
Morne B.
I went in for a filling and Khalid gave me and x Ray and advised me that it had gone beyond a filling and I would either need a root canal filling or an extraction, I opted for the extraction and he performed it straight away with no extra cost, he was very professional throughout and explained everything to me as he was performing it, he made me feel comfortable throughout and answered all the questions that I had.
Rebecca K.
Absolutely wonderful practice. Khalid has restored my faith in dentists. After visiting for an emergency appointment many many months ago we have started a journey of getting me to my perfect smile. He is calm and gentle, knowledgeable and patient. I was very nervous going to the dentist thanks to bad past experiences and now I don't worry about visiting at all. I cannot thank Khalid and everyone at the practice more for the treatment and kindness they have shown. Best dentist around.
maram S.
I just completed work experience at Bankview Smiles Studio and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations. I was lucky to be able to find a placement at a dental clinic especially at one that is filled with a very skill full dental team. I shadowed Dr Khalid and learnt a lot. I felt very comfortable with his team and was amazed to see how much time and effort he gives to his patients. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a 10/10 experience.
Ayesha I.
I was fortunate enough to complete work experience at Bank View Smile Studios. I shadowed Dr Khalid, Dr Thomas and the dental Hygienist Lynn. The entire dental team were very welcoming and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable at all times. I learnt a lot during my time here, including patient communication and practical skills. I am very grateful for the time and effort they put into listening to me and answering any questions that I raised. I was amazed by the standard of the patient care at this dental practice. All patients were comfortable and happy throughout and all treatments were explained to the patients thoroughly, and completed at a very high standard. I strongly recommend this practice to all individuals wishing to receive dental treatment, and to students looking for dental work experience. I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope to visit again!
Chris C.
I recently had some dental work done at Bank View Smile Studios and I have to say, it was very informative. From the moment I walked in, the staff was very friendly towards me. They took the time to explain each step of the process and answer any questions I had.Dr Master and Dr Somia were also fantastic. They were excellent and very informative throughout the entire procedure.Overall, I was extremely impressed with my experience at Bank View Smile Studios. I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of dental work to come here.
I first joined BVSS in 2021, Before joining this brilliant dentist I was extremely nervous of any dental appointments, I hadn't visited the dentist in well over 5 years, I had such a bad experience at my previous dentist that I believed it would be the same anywhere but that genuinely wasn't the case here at all, I couldn't recommend BVSS and Dr Khalid more. I have had a complete smile make over, I've never smiled so much in my whole life. In the past I would constantly cover my mouth every time I laughed or spoke due to how bad my teeth looked, They were badly stained, I needed several root canals and a tooth extraction. Whilst at BVSS Dr Khalid worked his magic and I've now got a beautiful smile, I can't help but show off my teeth whenever I can, I've had composite bonding on my top front teeth and my bottom, Khalid not only straightened the top but also created an illusion on my bottom teeth which made them look straight , as my bottom teeth are over crowded this caused them to become crooked but now with this illusion they look straight. Typically if I was told I needed to have a root canal or even a tooth extraction I would be absolutely petrified however with Khalid and the brilliant dental nurses I am always at ease and there is no pain whatsoever, I could honestly fall asleep through treatment. Khalid is the best of the best, I couldn't recommend him or his team more, I'm constantly getting compliments about my beautiful white teeth and I always recommend people come to BVSS, You won't be disappointed!
Sadiyah P
I’ve been a patient at bank view smile for less than a year for my Invisalign treatment. For someone who is anxious at the dentist just wanted to say thank you Somia for always reassuring me, explaining everything in detail at all appointments, and giving me the confidence I needed in my teeth & smile. Always so welcoming & professional when I visit, making sure I’m comfortable. I’m soo happy with my final result. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Owen J.
Such a brilliant job on my teeth making that look natural and clean. Kalid was an absolute delight to have do my teeth was very informative on what's being done and made sure I was understanding every procedure that was happening. Would rate more stars if I could .
Zoe J.
I am extremely happy with my teeth. I had a nasty fall and fractured my front tooth and the tooth next to my front tooth. My fractured front tooth was a complicated facture as the fracture was above the gum line, no other dentist wanted to deal with my teeth. I was recommended to go to smile studio and I am so glad I did now. They were so helpful and caring. The dentist Khalid did an excellent job, it has restored my confidence. I highly recommend. I had a root canal and a crown also filings.
Karen W.
After long consideration I finally decided to take the plunge and go for the Invisalign braces!! After 5 months of not much effort at all on my part, I am over the moon with the results. Somia was my dentist and I am so grateful to her for everything she has done. She took me through the process step by step she had a wide knowledge of Invisalign and I felt confident that I was going to end up with the smile I’d always wanted. I am so pleased with the end result and literally love smiling!! Thank you Somia!
Zeeshan Y.
I spent 2 days work shadowing at Bank View Smile Studios with both Khalid and Thomas. It was an extremely informative and eye opening experience where I learnt a lot more about dentistry than I knew previously. For example, Khalid explained the specialties and diversity in dentistry in thorough detail which provided me with a lot of knowledge I did not previously have. Both Khalid and Thomas were happy to answer any of my questions and did so in an easy to understand way as well as showing examples of excellent dental practise with a variety of patient cases whilst I underwent this work experience and I am very grateful for the experience they have given me.
Gia S.
I had the chance of completing work experience here at Bankview and shadowed Dr Khalid during my time.He treated everyone with respect and showed a strong passion towards dentistry. Dr Khalid answered every question I had in thorough detail and educated me on many dental related topics. For example, I now know the different specialties in dentistry and how to reflect properly on any experience I may do in the future. All the staff were very welcoming and helpful. Every dental procedure was different and I have definitely enjoyed seeing the wide variety of treatments a dentist can carry out.I have definitely learnt a lot during my experience here at Bankview. Thank you.
Sadia K.
As an aspiring dental student, I naturally wanted to complete work experience to widen my knowledge in dentistry and solidify it as my career choice.After contacting all available dental clinics in Blackburn, only BVSS responded and offered me a 2 day work experience shadowing Dr Khalid. Since the Covid outbreak, many dental practices have refused to take students for work experience, which has affected our progression in applying for University, however, Bank View gave me this opportunity and were very accommodating.During my time there, I observed a number of procedures carried out by Dr Khalid, such as dental extraction, brace fitting and a root filling. After each procedure, Dr Khalid would explain in simple and understandable terms to the patient, which also aided my comprehension. He provided me with every opportunity to learn more about the dental profession.I gained an insight into Dr Khalid’s professional competence and commitment to the career, which was very inspiring and reinforced my interests. He answered all my questions to a high standard and showed me the basics of dental charting, dental handpieces, and impressions. He informed me of the different pathways a dentist can take after completing their degree.The whole practice works as a multi-disciplinary team to provide patient-centred care starting from the receptionists to the dental nurses and dentists. This is only improved by the exceptional patient conduct and amazing rapport built by Dr Khalid and his peers leaving every patient smiling and content with their treatment.Overall, I would recommend Bank View practice to all aspiring dental students, who wish to be more informed about the career and gain experience in the field, as Dr Khalid will not only mentor you but give you a unique perception of dentistry.I would also like to thank Kathy for aiding me in the application process and allowing this opportunity to take place.
Deacon K.
What does a smile mean to you?-Happiness?-Symbol of Friendship?-Self Confidence?Without the confidence to show off your beautiful smile, many other areas of your life are impacted;-From friendships-To business dealings-And even romantic partnersKhalid and the Team have transformed my Smile.- A Whiter Smile.- Perfectly shaped teeth.- But the biggest change occurred not inside my mouth, but outside my mouth...My confidence and self esteem has improved immeasurably since working with Professionals like Khalid and the whole Team. This is by far the greatest gift and benefit you will receive by prioritising your Dental Health and working with the Professionals at Bank View Smile Studios!Can you really put a price on that?
Brilliant service, I was very well looked after over the years, I was made an exception by seeing me on the NHS, and had my appointment brought forward and seen to as soon as possible due to severe wisdom teeth ache. Thank you!
Francesco C.
What a great practice!!! Dr Khalid is a real star and we're so confident in him and his kids are in his hands too...and I will go to the practice if and when I'll need anything!...well recommended!!!
Ashfaaq M.
I was recently referred to BVSS by a close friend (RK). I was in alot of pain and was quickly provided with the first appointment avaiable with Dr Khalid. Khalid was extremely professional and friendly and did a scan on my tooth and advised me that the tooth could actually be saved rather than extracted. I was walked through the whole process and thereafter treated on that day and given a further treatment appointment within a couple of days to ensure that all treatment takes place prior to flying out on holiday. I would highly recomend!
Rabab S.
I attended a 2 day work experience here at Bank Smile Studios and I am grateful for this opportunity where I was exposed to lots of different dental procedures and different specialist skills that were required. I understand how difficult it is to get work experience especially since Covid but the staff were very accommodating and understanding and provided a very safe and comfortable environment. I particularly liked how we had a full 2 days (like an actual dentist would). All the staff were amazing and very supportive, in particular Dr Khalid also taught me the importance of patient care management which I now see as a very important as a opposed to before.I was quite nervous to start however I already had an insight on the practice and Dr Khalid because i completed my GCSE enterprise assignments on the practice itself. However it was a very enjoyable and exciting experience and this has helped built my knowledge as well as supporting the difficult university application.I highly recommend BSS, both the service and staff are truly award winning where all patients leave with a happiness. It really is a practice that executes morals and ethics as well as delivering their promise of calm and gentle dentistry.Thank you once again. I truly appreciate it
Fatma H.
I was extremely fortunate that I was offered the chance to do dentistry work experience at Bank View Smile studios whereby I worked with both Dr Thomas and Dr Khalid for 1day each. As a first year college student looking forward to study dentistry in higher education this was a very important experience that I got to have as it has been extremely difficult to find work experience at other dental practices. In both of the days I witnessed the special care and full attention that each doctor paid to every patient without fail. It was a very welcoming experience, all the staff here work incredibly well together ensuring that all the needs of the patients are met at an excellent standard.As a student this was a very appreciated experience that I was fortunate to be part of and I want to thank both Dr Thomas and Dr Khalid and all the dental team for allowing me to experience this as this will help me immensely for my university application as I got an insight into dentistry.
Graham P.
I visited the Bank view dentists this morning, all the staff are nice and friendly,it was my first visit to dentist in over ten years and I only went as i was in pain, I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment i received today, Khalid talked me through the process in easy to understand terms and put me at ease, I had two teeth extracted and can honestly say i didn’t feel a thing, I wlll definitely be returning now on a regular basis to keep my teeth in good condition.
Lujaina P.
I recently completed work experience at Bank View Smile Studios. During this work experience, I shadowed both Dr Khalid and Dr Somia. Hearing her story and her journey into dentistry truly inspired and motivated me to pursue my passions. Shadowing Dr Khalid, an extremely knowledgeable expert in his field, provided me with a truly insightful experience into dentistry. Every patient, even medical professionals, felt secure in the hands of such a knowledgeable expert.During my time there, I saw several different patients with various conditions and I was completely in awe of the level of care given to each patient that entered the Clinique. On one occasion, I witnessed Dr Khalid going through an elderly patient's medical records to ensure the appropriate treatment was provided and also to detect the onset of illnesses within the body. Dr Khalid didn't just simply explain procedures in detail, but rather explained the history behind modern-day white fillings. This inspired me to conduct my own research into the history of oral health. I truly admire both Dr Khalid and Dr Somia for their dedication to their professions and I hope to be just as successful in my future career as a dentist.I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the staff members of Bank View Smile Studios. They constantly made sure that I was comfortable and they treated me with the utmost respect and politeness. And a special thanks to Kathy who organised my placement at this esteemed practice.Through witnessing all the staff members communicating with patients and seeing the standard of care provided I truly understood why this is an award-winning practice.Thank you once again to all the staff at Bank View Smile Studios I had a truly amazing experience.
Siobhan B.
Had an appointment with Dr Khalid today and it was a pleasure. The doctor took out the stitches I had placed when I was out of the country, did an xray for me and ensured that everything is healing correctly! He was very gentle and reassuring throughout and also recommended me a few ways to take care of the post-surgery site, even despite me not having the foresight to ask about it in the first place! Wholeheartedly recommend
Noura A
After contacting most dentists in Blackburn, only 2 offered me work experience. This included bank view where I shadowed Dr Khalid for 2 days. In this short duration, I was able to see 35+ unique cases and his ability to accommodate every patient’s needs was highlighted- a fine example of patient-centeredness. Dr Khalid conducts himself in a professional manner and approaches each patient with compassion and empathy. He delivers on his promise of ‘calm and gentle dentistry’.It was a privilege to gain so much insight into the profession and learn from his experience and career advice. I had a very interactive few days where I had the opportunity to mix my own silicon impression and chart a set of teeth.For one afternoon I also shadowed Dr Somia. I am greatly appreciative of her willingness to answer all my questions and thankful for her advice, which I will take with me for the rest of my dental application.Many thanks again to Dr Khalid and the entire dental team at Bank View for having me and for being extremely welcoming and supportive.
Charlie C G.
I’m 50 years old and have worked all my life, neglected my health and my teeth, I had a fear of the dentist and only went when absolutely necessary, by that time they had to be extracted, then I met Superman Khalid, he took my fear away with his Magic, to the point we’re I fell asleep on many Occasions in his chair, he gave me a wonderful smile back with new teeth caps, I would 100% recommend Khalid and his professional team.
Karen L.
As someone who has a severe phobia of dentist I finally plucked up enough courage to make a visit to bank view after reading all their reviews and I wasn't disappointed. As my teeth were in a severe state I needed them all out and dentures in there was no judgement and all the staff were absolutely brilliant and so welcoming and understanding and after 4 visits the work was done . I cannot recommend this practice enough . I am so thankful to everyone and will recommend them to everyone I meet.
Faisal J.
Recently, I completed 2 days of work experience at this clinic. During the first day, I shadowed Dr Thomas Sarpong and witnessed this clinic's procedure for dental check-ups. What struck me during the appointments I witnessed on my first day was the way in which Dr Thomas communicated with his patients. He would laugh and make jokes with them to put them at ease. In addition, he told me that he made small notes about his patients after each appointment such as whether they were going on holiday, etc. Then he would bring these topics up the next time he saw them so that the patients felt he cared about them and be able to help them. This commitment to building a positive relationship with his patients greatly inspired me as it is something I would enjoy to do when I become a dentist.On my second day at this clinic, I shadowed Dr Khalid Master. As Dr Khalid enjoys doing more complex dental procedures, I had the fortune of witnessing some unique and interesting procedures. These included restoring a front tooth, which had had a massive portion chipped off. This procedure involved many different parts and showed a wide range of skills which would be needed to be successful in dentistry. In addition to this, Dr Khalid made sure to answer my questions in between patients and taught me a lot about the different career pathways available after graduation from dental school such as positions in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings. Also, the way Dr Khalid would explain every step of the procedures in detail to his patients greatly helped me as well as I was able to learn a lot about the different procedures which dentists can offer.Overall, I had a very positive experience during my 2 days at Bank View Smile Studios and would definitely recommend it to any other prospective dental students who are looking for clinics to gain work experience at.
Samia S.
I recently undertook work experience at Bank View dental practice. I learned so much about what qualities an excellent dentist should display in the days I spent there. The nurses, Dr Master and Dr Thomas were so patient with me and were always keen to answer any of my questions. Dr Master and Dr Thomas did not only teach me about patient care but also went out of their way to teach me variety of dental procedures that went on in their day in detail. I left the surgery knowing all the routes in dentistry as well as the specialities in the career. I am even more sure about dentistry after gaining such insightful work experience! Thank you so much for allowing me to have the privilege of shadowing at your incredible dental practice!
Thomas W.
I have been coming to this practise since I was very young and am now nearly 30. Bank View took over my care 12 years ago, and they have been truly outstanding. They're care and concern for my teeth and gum health is excellent, and they're knowledge and ability is too! Best dentist I've been to.
Raees S.
For the purpose of work experience I have worked at many Institutions before, but my time at Bank View Smile Studios has truly been the most fulfilling, educational and exciting placement I have ever been apart of, and I truly understand why it is an award winning practice.To be a great healthcare practice, I learnt that every constituent of the practice needs to work in tandem with each-other and that each part is as important as the other, and Bank View truly reflects this.The reception team were a delight to be around and they were a perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness. They constantly made sure that I was comfortable and they treated me with the upmost respect and kindness, and I saw firsthand how they extended this courtesy to any patient that came through the door. I also am indebted to one member of the team whose name is Kathy, who organised my placement at this esteemed practice.I also noticed how organised, clean and aesthetically pleasing the practice was, creating a pleasant, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere , which benefits everyone from staff to patient.During my time observing patients I was able to work with 2 of the Dental Nurses who were incredibly kind to me and treated me as if I was one of the staff members. They would answer any question I had and facilitated my learning by offering advice or helping me understand any procedure I was witnessing. I also noticed how well the Dentist, Dental nurse and reception team complimented each other, creating a smooth and easy-going/hassle free experience for any patient that entered the surgery.Moving on to the dentists, Khalid and Thomas, I was amazed and awestruck by how skilful and professional/friendly they both were and I feel incredibly privileged that I was able to witness 2 individuals who are complete masters at their craft. I saw first hand how they navigated through complex situations with finesse and efficiency, all the while taking their time to explain to their patients the entire process, and answering any questions the patients had along the way . For example, I once saw Khalid take 30 minutes to explain to a patient how to brush and floss the teeth and which brush is better and why that brush was better. I also saw Thomas once draw a diagram for a patient, in order to help explain the treatment process to her and subsequently help the patient feel involved in her treatment process. The dentists also took their time to answer any questions I had, and never did I feel like I had not got a sufficient answer. In fact one time Khalid took 45 minutes out of his working day to answer my question about getting in to dentistry and the interview process, and another time him and Thomas spent time after their working day to answer any further questions I had, and this truly reflects how much these dentists care about the field of dentistry and I am incredibly thankful I got to learn from these high knowledgeable professionals. Moreover, During my 3 days there, I saw 41 patients treated, and although some patients required a different approach , for example if the patient was a child or if they were anxious, each patient was treated with an extremely high quality of care and respect, and not once did I see a drop in standards. I also witnessed how much of a friendly rapport the dentists built with each of their patients, which allowed them to feel comfortable and relaxed, and at times it was like seeing 2 friends catch up and have a chat.I was truly inspired to see how much pride and care the dentists, dental nurse and reception team took in their work, and how they treated every patient with an extremely high level of healthcare , and I hope I can be a fraction of a professional that the staff at Bank View Smile Studios were, and I like many other patients left the Studio with a smile.
Zaid P.
Being able to secure work experience here at Bank View was a huge blessing, especially at a time when many dental offices don't provide it for students. At first thoughts, I was expecting to just be sat making notes and watch procedures from afar. However, Surprisingly I was also permitted to take pictures of the patients' teeth, and the final results were amazing. Dr Master would give me instructions to take pictures and explained the steps of the procedure to me as I was taking them. I was repeatedly asked if I had any questions by the personnel, who were all very friendly, and if I did, they provided me with a thorough response and would also give me really valuable advice, making the experience very informative. My zeal and desire to become a dentist have grown as a result of this experience. When Dr Master had to change his schedule to accommodate the patients' needs and priorities, I had already accepted the practice's true patient-centeredness. I want to express my gratitude to everyone at Bank View for giving me such a wonderful and fulfilling work experience opportunity.
Lucy S.
I came across this dentist three years ago. As someone who was extremely nervous about the dentist, from the second I spoke to someone on the phone to the initial meeting with Cathy I was put at ease. Khalid is an amazing dentist who is extremely gentle to the point where you could fall asleep in the chair! He explains things clearly and is very informative. I would highly recommend Bank View Smile Studio.
Matthew W.
I chipped my tooth on a Tuesday morning, and was in a fair amount of pain.I’ve got an appointment with Bank View smile Studios for the Friday.Arranging the appointment was very easy and I was reassured that the problem was going to be fixed very soon.Receiving treatment was very comfortable quick and pain-free.The finish of the tooth is better than it was before the chip happened.Any further dental work I require will be booked at Bank View Smile Studios.
Sara A.
I was extremely fortunate to be able to arrange work experience here, especially during times where many dental practises don’t offer work experience for students. Before I came, I thought I would just sit and observe. However, I was surprised that I was allowed to help in small tasks such as filing papers and watching how dental equipment was cleaned in safe and hygienic ways. The dentists, dental nurses and receptionists all made sure I was okay and answered any questions I had, which is exactly what I needed. The dentists also talked through the procedures, making the patients comfortable and also allowing me to understand every part. I love dentistry but, after this, I want to become a dentist even more. Thank you Dr Khalid, Dr Thomas, Sarah and all the dental team for your fantastic service. I’m still surprised how this is free!
Bridget B.
Have recently completed a course of cosmetic dentistry. The staff are very professional and Khalid the dentist was very knowledgeable- he explained every step of the treatment along the way. I would highly recommend the practice for anyone considering treatment
Aamina B.
I had the opportunity to complete a couple of days of work experience at BVSS and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent here. I had the privilege to learn crucial aspects of dentistry under Dr Khalid and it has made me want to pursue this career even more. I would urge anyone thinking about studying dentistry to try and complete at least a few days of work experience here.
Hamza Y.
As a working professional I was looking for the #1 dentist in my local area. Dr Khalid and the team have been absolutely brilliant. As a Physics teacher I wanted a dentist who could explain processes and procedures, and he has done so very clearly. I can take this away and use preventative strategies that I was not aware of. Being on a tight timeline as an international worker, the team accommodated my work within the 2 weeks I was present!This will now be my regular Dentistry and I will most definitely recommend to all friends and family.
Faiz B.
When I called nearby dental practices, BVSS was the first to actually leave a response. I didn't really know what to expect after being accepted because this would be my first face-to-face experience, but I was astonished by how much I learned about the profession. I had the chance to witness Dr. Master, who helped me improve my chances of becoming a dentist by giving me a real insight into the profession and also taught me how to be the best Dentist that I could be. Additionally, Dr Master's willingness to go above and beyond for his patients and his consistency in delivering a 10/10 experience amazed me. This made me realise what an exceptional dentist BVSS is. I want to thank Dr. Master, Bushra, and the rest of the BVSS team for giving me an enjoyable experience.
Every visit at bank view smile studios has been calming, welcoming and professional.My appointments with Dr Somia Mohammed have been nothing short of amazing, ones that I have eagerly attended, after putting off braces for so many years due to not being able to find the right dentist Dr somia was undoubtedly the one I wanted to go with, she has been incredibly professional and patient with me. I am a nervous patient but she has helped me with my nerves and explained every step of the Invisalign journey.Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.
I had a great experience here at Bank View Smiles Studio. Khalid, Thomas, Somia and Lynn were very kind to allow me to shadow them as an aspiring dentist. They were very helpful mentors and were very good at explaining concepts and answering my questions. The customer service and treatments I saw being delivered were to very high standards with the help of their amazing nurses who were very kind to me and everyone who stepped through the door!
Iqbal M.
Me and my family have been patients with dr khaled for a very very long time. And I always knew he was the best dentist. But how he transformed my teeth was unbelievable. I spoke to dr Khaled about getting my teeth done as I was getting married. He recommended getting braces and teeth whitening but at the time I couldn’t afford it. He gave me a second option and that was to straighten up my teeth, composite bonding and teeth whitening. The price was a 1/4 of the price of getting braces and he could do the job in 2 hours instead of having braces which would take 6-9 months. After using the teeth whitening for over a month. I went for the surgery and In two hours dr Khaled and bushra have given me the most perfect smile!!! I can finally smile with confidence and it just looks unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough. Already people have noticed and are asking who did my teeth 😂 I’m sending them to you dr Khaled. Thank you again!!!
Derek S.
Just had my final appointment to complete my treatment plan. I am over the moon with the results and can now smile with confidence.Big thanks to Thomas and his team, exceptional care and service throughout my many visits.I can definitely recommend anyone too use the practice. What was promised was delivered.Many thanks.Keep smiling.
Khalid P.
Lovely experience. Staff were very welcoming and helpful all the way from the booking stage and all the way through the appointment. 10/10 I highly recommend all to try an appointment here
Mansoor A.
Recently I was fortunate enough to complete some work experience under Dr Khalid Master at this brilliant clinic. I had no expectations when stepping foot inside but immediately was welcomed with the warm care of the team there. I was lucky enough to witness a variety of different treatments and Khalid's teaching during and in between surgeries made me question 'how is this free?', it was astonishing. He gave me a real insight into the field and everything I would need to know before and after becoming a dentist. I entered with no expectations and left already feeling like a dentist. Thank you Khalid as well as Bushra for the opportunity, it's an experience I can never forget.
Anna A.
My dentist not only makes me smile, he makes me laugh!And so do his staff!They are all so very cheerful and put you at easeAnd are determined to ensure that you are more than pleased;Bank View Smile Studios is certainly rareNo other practice, I don’t feel, can compare,From the very warm welcome that is ensuredTo the wonderful smile for me they have secured;Excellence delivered with passion is their mottoAnd I kinda' feel like I’ve won the lotto.....In finding this practice because……About my smile I’ve always been very consciousBut not now, not even for a little while…..Do I try to hide my smileI’m so thankful for the pioneering dentistry this practice providesWith such professionalism, enthusiasm and friendliness besidesThey have given me the smile I’ve always desiredAnd one which many people have admired;Innovative, and at the forefront of dentistryHow they do it I think is a mystery;Caring and kindI’ve no doubt in my mind…..That Bank View Smile Studios is the bestAnd I feel so very blessed;They show such loyalty and commitmentTo every individual to whom they provide treatmentPatient focused, educational and cutting edgeThis is their pledge;I can only agreeAnd it’s there for all to see;Never hasty, always relaxedEven though they may be very busy perhaps;I feel that I must hasten to mention……That my dentist always gives me his undivided attention;I’m so grateful that this practice is up here in the NorthI wouldn’t want to have to look for another, henceforth;Because I’m certain I’ll never find one that puts this one to the testBank View Smile Studios…….You’re the best! Thank you!
Polly J.
Khalid has been amazing, working with me to correct some complicated issues from previous work and also general day to day treatment. I can’t thank him enough for all of his help and won’t go anywhere else.
Pete A.
An excellent Dentist's with standards which are second to none.Khalid isn't just a good Dentist , he will talk to you like hes your long lost brother you havn'tSeen for ages, basically he's the type of Person you can always approach with any issues.
jamie G.
I have been a patient of Dr Khalid Master for long time. He has a very calm and gentle persona and has great pride in his work. My family is also under his watchful eye. I went to see him for some emergency treatment and he was very professional both inside and outside of his surgery. My experience was very good especially in the circumstance I was in. I would and have recommended Dr Khalid Master and his team to anyone who asks me about seeing a dentist. So if you are looking for professionalism, Calmness, Quality of work look no further. I would not go anywhere else.This is proper dentistry run by proper people who care about you.
Samantha I.
Excellent dentistry! Walk out feeling confident, and always a gleaming smile!Nothing is to much for the team, award winning dentist, plans to suit people. Feel the dentist kalid really listens to the clients needs. And is very real and professional.Thank youSamantha Ireland
Rahan M.
I applied to many different dental clinics seeking work experience and Bank View Smiles Studios was the only clinic that provided me work experience for the duration of 2 days. Despite the short time period, I learned many things during my time at the clinic such as how the charting system works and viewed a plethora of procedures including white filling and crowning. The staff (Dr Master and Dr Sarah) were always happy to answer any of my questions regarding the procedures that had taken place and even explained other aspects of dentistry that I hadn't thought about such as the different specialists within dentistry. Overall, my experience at Bank View Smiles Studios has made me further intrigued in the dental sector and has secured my desire for dentistry as a future aspiration.
Ruth T.
Just last week, I received the utmost kindness and care here, so I thought I would share this little story.  I went for one filling at the front, yet my brilliant dentist said he would manage to fit in another small filling during the appointment.  In itself this was amazing and not the first time this has occurred. Yet I did think Dr Khalid was working on it for a bit longer than, "...a little cavity I will nip in the bud," and there wasn't the tell-tale drilling that happens when something turns out to be worse than expected and more has to be drilled away, but I just tend to lie back, relax and virtually snooze (which tells you something about the gentle way he works), so I didn't think more about it. I got out of the chair feeling something slightly different, but not sure what. "Whilst doing your fillings I decided to give myself an extra challenge!" and an explanation followed as to how he had built up a recessed tooth and worked on the front too, to straighten my previously crooked smile. He handed me a mirror and I was completely taken aback at this wonderful surprise. You see after braces in my teens, I was left with a tooth still out of line, pushed back and, as I was not given a retainer in time (all by a separate orthodontic practice), my front right tooth was pushed forwards when my wisdom tooth tried to come. My previous dentist did damage limitation with a retainer, but not a day has past when I haven't been bothered by it nonetheless. I honestly got to the car and cried buckets!  Two fillings and cosmetic work were done in hardly anything over 30 minutes and this additional cosmetic work, oh my, was given as a gift. I am overjoyed that something that has left me self-conscious for 30 odd years has been transformed in an act of such selfless generosity. I'm always telling my friends and family about the "wizardry" and sheer expertise of my multiple award-winning dentist Dr Khalid, and why I now travel a 5 hour + /320 miles round trip since I moved to Scotland a few years ago, because his skillful work and exemplary dedication to his craft astounds me and ensures the very best outcomes. I can highly recommend him and indeed all the team at Bank View Smile Studios. If you're in need of a top class, unparalleled dentist, then give Bank View a call and you will get a warm welcome from the moment you walk into reception. There really aren't adequate words to say thank you for last week in particular, nor for everything else. The resounding 5 star reviews here don't surprise me at all!
Lilly R.
Been registered with this practice for more than 10 years and I am so happy with the service. Have had several treatments and I couldn’t be happier. Dr Khalid is the best out there and I’m so glad I found this practice. Everybody here is very friendly and I have had my children registered here too. The treatment, the information given and the aftercare is next to none and I would recommend anyone wanting the perfect smile and care to register here.
I recently undertook work experience here at Bank View Smile Studios, and it's easy for me to say I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it! I was made aware of them through a family-friend, and as a multi-award winning practice, I felt honoured to gain experience there. All staff members at Bank View were extremely encouraging and supportive. They ensured that all my questions were answered and if there was anything which piqued my interest, they were happy to explain. The dentists Dr Sarpong and Dr Master continuously provided me with useful advice and tried to make my experience as interactive as possible. I was also quite amazed by the high quality of their general dental work and the excellent customer service. The practice is truly patient-centred. I'd like to thank all the staff at Bank View for providing me with a truly memorable and enjoyable work experience placement.
Ubaid S.
Having completed work experience at BVSS was truly fascinating. I was able to gain an insight on Dentistry and it only inspired me more to want to become a dentist. What I have learnt over the few days that I was at BVSS, I could not find anywhere else. Dr.Khalid and Dr.Thomas were so forthcoming and always took the time out, during and in between appointments, to teach me about key aspects of Dentistry. For example, I learnt the 38 step process to a standard check up, everything about the machinery and equipment used to treat a patient and also all the specialist fields of dentistry. I am greatly appreciative of everyone at BVSS for providing me with such a warm, welcoming and highly beneficial experience. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone looking for work experience. Thank you to everyone at BVSS!
Mihai Cristian A.
First time at this Dental Practice was perfect. Friendly staff and and professional manner.I went for an extraction(which wasn't painful at all) explaining the doctor what I need it for,and what extra do I need. Because in UK is expensive to get an implant I will go to Turkey and doctors ask for some photos and x-ray. He advised me what to do for that, he done x-ray and photos,gave me advice what is better to do just to help me with future implants.I had a big discount on the end. Happy to be there today. I strongly recommend this dentist
Abby C.
Fantastic practice - had braces and would definitely recommend Thomas. Great customer service, went above and beyond and really happy with the end result!
Andrea T.
Had a broken tooth repaired today by Thomas and his assistant, so happy with the result! Very gentle procedure couldn't feel a thing... would recommend.
Sarah N.
I first went to Bank View Smile Studios as an emergency appointment nearly 2 years ago & I can honestly say that one appointment changed my whole dental experience from being terrified to actually enjoying the dentist! I’ve had numerous surgeries, braces and all the extras that come with that & now I have the smile I’ve always dreamed of, along with healthy teeth - nothing I would have ever considered previously!
Aside from the fantastic work on my teeth Thomas & his team have completed, the whole experience from the staff has been phenomenal!!! Every single one of the ladies that work at Bank View are just great & I always enjoy our laughs & catching up with them when I visit.
I’ll never ever change dentists now and there isn’t enough kind words I can say about this fantastic practice & all the staff. Their charitable work is also well recognised, which to me just shows what great people they are!
If you’re even considering just having a consultation, do it! Without a doubt the best dental practise you’ll find! 🙌🙌🙌
Susan W.
My implant, veneers and crown are still going strong after 10 years when Khalid put them in. Always a friendly dentist with plenty of advice and useful tips. Wouldn’t go anywhere else and now my son is coming with me enjoying the experience from an early age!
Mustafa H.
Khalid the owner is a fantastic dentist, the staff are so helpful irequired an emergency appointment and they accommodated for me the same day Khalid explained why I was getting pain in detail and was very knowledgeable. Bank View is the best dentist around keep up the good work guys
Lynette V.
After lots of not so good treatments at different dentists over many years my smile was not looking great. I very nervously decided on Bank choice I made regarding my teeth. A course of treatment was planned and my fears were calmed. I now have a smile that i love and a healthy mouth..Thankyou Bank View xxx Lynette Varey
Ridwan K.
Absolutely delighted with the fantastic service provided by Dr Khalid Master this morning.

The staff were pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.

Thank you for your exceptional service today.
Alison B.
Before being a patient at Bank View Smile Studios, I always had to be sedated for any procedure. I am now more than happy without any sedation at all. However, I never liked the initial injection to numb the area as it was a little uncomfortable for about 10 seconds, but not any more. I has two fillings yesterday and with a new technique they are using I HONESTLY never felt a thing! I actually said to Khalid and Hayley that it was as pleasant an experience as going to the hairdressers. Plus I was so relaxed I could had dozed off. They really are the best Dental Practice. Love you all. Xxx
Kate H.
Dr Khalid Master at Bank View Smile Studios & all of his team are outstanding! Awards aside (and there are many!) His calm & gentle approach to the work he carries out is second to none, i can honestly say as a nervous patient there is no better dental practise around! His knowledge & understanding is mind blowing & he is such a lovely man who not only gives all of his time & attention to his patients & staff but he gives so much to the community & supports lots of charities. My children actually love going to see him, they fight over who goes first! Highly recommended!!
Cathy W.
I can not recommend this practise enough. From someone who had to previously be sedated to have a filling! To receiving person cantered individual care at Bank View!
And I got my smile � back
Many thanks to Thomas and his wonderful assistants.
Your kindness and amazing work is second to none ! �
Lisa P.
Originally went to bank view for my braces in 2015, I was still registered with another dentist but they didn’t offer the braces I wanted. After meeting with khalid we decided to go with the fast braces, which I would only need for 6 months. After only 3 months my braces came off to reveal lovely straight teeth I had always wanted. After being looked after so well by everyone at bank view I moved and registered as a patient there. Wouldn’t go anywhere else now, a great dental practice!!
Sam C.
By far the best dentist around� can't believe I'm saying this about a dentist but I actually enjoyed the whole experience, Thomas is so gentle you just feel so relaxed in the chair. When I was a kid I had an accident on my bicycle and badly damaged my front teeth, I was supposed to go back to my NHS dentist when I was 17 (after my teeth had stopped growing) but I've always had a fear of the dentist and really didn't want to go back to have the work done. This year I've finally plucked up the courage to get my teeth back in shape and chose Bank View after reading all the great reviews on their website and I'm so glad I did, when Thomas was giving me the first injection on my first appointment I was very anxious, but couldn't believe it when there was no pain at all! Thomas and his assistant are absolutely brilliant, they are so friendly and caring they instantly put you at ease! As for the results, well what can I say... phenomenal, Thomas has transformed my smile and restored my confidence, I can smile again knowing my teeth look perfect! � I can't thank you enough!
Jay W.
Absolutely fantastic. After many many bad experiences with dentists as a teenager I had let my teeth get out of hand and hadn't been to see a dentist for a long time, I was looking for somewhere calm, caring and most of all someone who wouldn't judge me or my smile.. After finding bank view smile studios online and not being able to find a bad thing said about them I decided it was time to face my demons and get my teeth back on track. After meeting the most polite and genuine staff there is I was booked in for a full check up where everything was explained to me in full detail in a language I would understand. Today I have been for my first bit of work with Khalid and the results are unbelievable, honestly I can not believe that the teeth he has worked on are my own! Complete transformation with literally no pain at all! So long as I am registered here I will never be afraid of the dentist again! In fact i would even go as far to say as I can't wait for my next set of treatment to keep improving my smile! I just want to say a huge Thank You to Khalid and the rest of the team and to anyone looking for dentristy I would fully recommend you go here! 🙂
Thomas H.
My whole family and I have been patients of the practice for nearly 40 years now! Initially it was my husband and I and then as the family grew, they all joined and now all my sons and daughters, their spouses and all our grandchildren also attend. We were under the care of Mr Timothy J Holt ever since he graduated in 1978 and we were always happy with the good care and professional service provided by him. However, this was to be surpassed the moment Khalid and Thomas took over in 2010 with their ‘calm and gentle’ approach. Khalid now looks after my family’s dental health and he does so wonderfully.
When I first saw him, he seemed familiar but I didn’t know how or from where, but he recognised me because he went to the same primary and high school as my girls and so it took me while to adjust seeing him in his dental uniform and NOT in ‘short school shorts!’
Everyone in my family loves forward coming to the dentist, especially the young ones as there is nothing to fear at Bank View Smile Studios. However, recently I broke my top left molar tooth quite badly and when Khalid mentioned that he may need to do a root filling and crown, I have to be honest, all the bad thoughts of having complex treatment as a young women with my mouth ‘clamped open’ came flooding back.
I have utmost trust in Khalid and his dental abilities, but ‘your mind plays tricks on you’ and on the day of the appointment I did get a deep nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I needn’t have worried because the moment I mentioned this to Khalid he was EVEN more calm and gentle with me, reassuring me all the time he was working and I can honestly say that I did not feel a thing. The whole treatment was completely pain free and thoroughly calm and gentle as they profess. I cannot thank Khalid and all his wonderful team enough for making feel at ease and not a ‘silly fool’ as I thought I was being myself. His chairside manner is extraordinary and his attention to detail is second to none.
My husband and I happily comment on all the wonderful awards he and his team seem to win on a regular basis, especially the best dental practice in the UK award, which I believe they won twice and I could not disagree with the judge’s decision. So I would highly recommend him and Bank View Smile Studios, without reservation to anyone who wants to see the very best and I pray every day that he never leaves Blackburn.
Mariann M.
Thankyou Khalid for your Excellent Service this Morning for Hubby
And also Big Big Thankyou for all you have done for Me
Sending you a Big Smile�����
Charlene B.
Myself, my partner have been coming to see Khalid for 15 years. We moved with him when he set up his own practice; The Smile Studio. He has also taken care of my children's teeth since they were babies(now aged 10 and 11). The Khalid and his team of staff make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. They set the highest level of professionalism and friendliness. Khalids style of dentistry is calm, educative and reassuring. He shows an genuine, personalised interest in our families dental needs. When I take the children for their appointments we always all manage to have a good giggle thus he makes us SMILE in more than one way!!! Awesome...
Tara H.
As a patient at bank view smile studios I can guarantee friendly, professional and the highest standard of dental practice, this is from the moment you walk into the door. khalid Master and his team have really transformed my smile and it is now something people always comment on. You can really tell that the team truley care about you as a person and your custom. I can not recommend this dental practice enough.
Faz P.
I'm a childhood friend that grew up with Khalid, so when I heard he had trained as a dentist and started work in his home town of Blackburn, there was only ever 1 person I was going to trust my dental health and that of my family.
I'm privileged he accepted my request and I'm proud to call him our dentist, especially because he has won so many awards personally and professionally, the best one being the Best Dental practice in the UK, not once but twice!

I love the fact that I can tell all my friends and family that I'm a patient if the No.1 dentist in the U.K. How many people can say that?

Khalid and ALL his staff are really warm, welcoming, reassuring, knowledgeable and most of all calm and gentle; a point that is extremely important if you're of a nervous predisposition like me and my son.
If you are looking for a new dentist in the #Lancashire area, I think they have got a few precious places left, don't delay, get in touch straight away and become a patient of this fabulous practice that we are so fortunate to have on our doorstep.

I cannot recommend Khalid and Bank View Smile Studios highly enough, they are perfect� Faz Patel MBE
John B.
I would recommend Bank View Studios to everyone, even if you have an acute fear of dentists. Each member of staff is ultra professional, very caring and empathetic. I have been with them ever since they started at Bank View and would have no wish at all to leave
Lisa B.
Would just like to say Bank View is a wonderful practice the staff are so friendly and inviting, Khalid makes the visit very pleasant and puts you at ease extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to if you have any issues, my son also comes with me and they are excellent with him I am reassured every time we go great service, staff can highly recommend thank you all Lisa & Harvey
Julie T.
My Husband, my Son and I are patients at Bank View Smile and all feel more than happy to award them a 5 star rating due to the friendly service from walking through the door to leaving and the professionalism of both partners; Thomas and Khalid, knowing with confidence that we are receiving outstanding treatment and care. Ever tried laughing when having your check-up such lovely people they make me smile!
Laura T.
Bank view smile studios is the best! Khalid gave me the opportunity to work shadow him over a period of a few months and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Bank view smile studios staff and the care they provided really is a cut above the rest. I am truely thankful for all the information they have given me and the way they welcomed me into their practice. I am extremely lucky to have been able to experience Khalid at work and have him insipre me, and show me the kind of dentist that I want to be! So thanks again to all the staff you have been brilliant! ����
Brian S.
This week I have had work done by both Khalid and Thomas. They are both excellent dentists but the treatment i received went far beyond that.Every step was explained and I felt part of the process. The staff they have assisting them are just as professional and friendly.Blackburn is fortunate to have such a first class dental practice . Brian Simms
Hanifa D.
I have been with this dentist for a number of years. Was dreading my appointment today, I don't know why because as usual Thomas made me feel really comfortable. I always get lots of useful information from him and never feel rushed. He took care and I didn't feel a thing. Really great service, all the other staff are really friendly too �
Rachel M.
Khalid is fab and always explains everything so I understand! And after a recent bout of excruciating toothache, Khalid was a miracle worker and had me back to work an hour later!
Leslie C.
A very professional team of Dentists and support staff that are dedicated to treating everyone with the best possible treatment .I have always been very impressed with the style and information given to me regarding the different choices I am offered.Thanks to all at Bank View and Merry Xmas to all.
Bethany Jade A.
I have been a patient for many years. Will not go anywhere else. Brilliant service and staff. Great advice by both Khalid and the Hygienist. Staff always happy to help.
Antony K.
How many times can you say that it is a pleasure to attend a dental appointment ?.
Well I can honestly report that Thomas and his assistant (sorry I didn't catch your name) have been wonderful with me.
Two root canal fillings and new bridge work later and the care, reassurance and professionalism of Bank view Smiles is second to non.
Thank you for taking away the fear factor that has been with me from childhood,once again a massive thank you.
Jean A.
Everyone is so friendly and I wasn't really expecting to get my chipped tooth sorted today,but hey presto,sorted in my regular 6 monthly check. Thanks to Khalid and his super staff!
I have been in many places around and spend quite a few £££ without much luck, as I was still experiencing the same problems. Bank View Smile Studios is without a doubt the best around! I had all problems solved, I have been well looked after and I still am, as well as my family. My two daughters love to come to the dentist, no stress, no hassle and great services and very very professional!
Derek C.
Khalid has done some great work on both mine and my partner nicolas teeth, we have known Khalid since he was in Accrington, and have since followed him to smile studio, couldn't rate him highly enough !!
Nicola G.
First visit today and I was quite anxious on arrival. Khalid listened very patiently to my concerns and fully explained my treatment options. All the staff that I met were very helpful and welcoming. I feel very reassured that my future treatment will be of the highest possible standard and carried out in an unhurried calm environment with caring staff.
Kim L.
Well I'm undergoing lots of treatment to do something I have always wanted which is improve my smile / teeth I can honestly say I am so glad I chose this practice from my first meeting I felt comfort and at ease, I have always been embarrassed by my teeth and they made me feel comfortable and my anxiety disappeared, throughout my ongoing treatment of root canal , extractions I have felt comfortable and well cared for , Thomas is an angel and I am excited to start the whitening process before the final treatments thankyou from the bottom of my heart
Gary W.
Where do I start? From the moment I moved from my old practice to BVSS I and my family have had 5 star service. The staff are all friendly and welcoming, the facilities are the same, no sterile (as in boring!) , cold waiting rooms. I can't speak highly enough of the work I have had done by Khalid Masters. I have had a couple of broken teeth practically rebuilt instead of the extraction I would have previously expected. They are tremendous. He also persuaded me to have a denture replaced with a bridge, and after thirteen years of putting up with it, I was a little dubious having seen some dodgy and badly matched ones. I needn't have worried. It's like having an improved set of my own back. Literally new and improved! I couldn't be happier!!
Emma B.
I cannot recommend this surgery highly enough. The staff are very friendly and helpful with extensive knowledge in their field. The diagnosis is always spot on by a highly skilled dentist Khalid Master who always manages to put you at ease with his gentle touch. 5 stars is not enough for this amazing practice.
Jacqui W.
I phoned today for an emergency appointment for my daughter who had excruciating tooth pain, had the first appointment which was perfect, Khalid reassured us that all was ok apart from Bethan's pain coming from her wisdom tooth, we also had the check today which was scheduled for May so now all sorted for another 6 months. Thank you Khalid and all your Team X
Adnan H.
This is a great surgery which has staff who are caring and knowledgeable. You will not get a better service than at Bank View Smile Studios, it is a great practice.
Lesley H.
Super dentists, super staff, super service. Thank you for being extremely patient with me. I certainly recommend these to anyone who suffers severe anxieties. Onwards and upwards, can't wait to get my new knashers.
Elaine C.
Excellent professional people who make you so at ease, wouldn't go anywhere else. Thomas & Khalid brilliant dentists. Thanks for all you've done for me with straightening my teeth and making me smile love you all xxx
Marlene W.
Excellent treatment in a warm and friendly environment. Khalid and team are welcoming and make you feel at ease. Come and see for yourself you won't be disappointed.

Request A "Calm & Gentle" 36 Point Comprehensive Smile And Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios

For Your Comprehensive Assessment Which Requires An Investment Of £125 And Includes:

At least a 30-minute appointment with one of our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dentists who will carefully listen to your frustrations and goals before informing you on how, and in what ways, Calm & Gentle Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Following the judgement free initial conversation, your dentist will then give you a complete dental assessment to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and smile using various high definition digital radiographs (x rays) and high resolution digital photos available to view together within seconds. They will then explain each report in jargon free language to assist complete understanding. And finally, we can then present you with several options to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Summary of the 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment benefits are:

  1. Address your concerns and desires without judgement
  2. Complete assessment of your smile with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  3. Discuss fully costed treatment options suitable for you
  4. See suitable Before & After photos and Patient Testimonials as necessary
  5. Offer of Interest free or longer term finance options.