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Cosmetic Dentistry

Bank View Smile Studios

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An Ultimate Solution for Smile Transformation

Bank View Smile Studios: 57 Preston New Road, Blackburn, BB2 6AY

Every morning, when you look in the mirror you are greeted with your own smile. Do you like what you see?

If you love the way your smile looks, you feel more confident about yourself, and ready to face your day. Other people are impressed by a beautiful smile too; it is the first feature most people notice, and the last they forget. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses any procedure that improves the appearance of your smile, so you can love what you see in the mirror.

Are you ready to see the smile of your dreams, every morning when you look in the mirror? Call or complete the form below today and to discover what cosmetic dentistry can do for you.

“Katie Is Amazed At How Her Smile Has Been Transformed”

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Treatment may be simple or complex, involving one, or several procedures. ** takes the time to listen to your goals, explain the possibilities, and customise a treatment plan. Some of the smile-enhancing procedures we offer include:

  • Full Smile Makeover – you can have the smile of your dreams
  • Teeth Whitening – transform your smile in one visit
  • Invisalign orthodontics – straighten teeth with discretion
  • Porcelain crowns – restore damaged or decayed teeth
  • Fixed bridges – replace one or several teeth
  • Tooth-coloured fillings – blend perfectly with your natural tooth colour
  • Implant supported restorations – replace missing teeth with exceptional stability and longevity
  • Porcelain veneers – correct many common aesthetic complaints in a single procedure
  • With today’s advanced materials and techniques, any smile can be restored to youthful glory – even if you have lost your natural teeth.

“I’m constantly getting compliments about my beautiful white teeth”

I first joined BVSS in 2021, Before joining this brilliant dentist I was extremely nervous of any dental appointments, I hadn’t visited the dentist in well over 5 years.

I had such a bad experience at my previous dentist that I believed it would be the same anywhere but that genuinely wasn’t the case here at all, I couldn’t recommend BVSS and Dr Khalid more.

I have had a complete smile make over, I’ve never smiled so much in my whole life. In the past I would constantly cover my mouth every time I laughed or spoke due to how bad my teeth looked, They were badly stained, I needed several root canals and a tooth extraction.

Whilst at BVSS Dr Khalid worked his magic and I’ve now got a beautiful smile, I can’t help but show off my teeth whenever I can, I’ve had composite bonding on my top front teeth and my bottom, Khalid not only straightened the top but also created an illusion on my bottom teeth which made them look straight, as my bottom teeth are over crowded this caused them to become crooked but now with this illusion they look straight.

Typically if I was told I needed to have a root canal or even a tooth extraction I would be absolutely petrified however with Khalid and the brilliant dental nurses I am always at ease and there is no pain whatsoever, I could honestly fall asleep through treatment.

Khalid is the best of the best, I couldn’t recommend him or his team more, I’m constantly getting compliments about my beautiful white teeth and I always recommend people come to BVSS, You won’t be disappointed!

5 Star Google Review – Kiera LW

Request A "Calm & Gentle" 36 Point Comprehensive Smile And Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios

For Your Comprehensive Assessment Which Requires An Investment Of £125 And Includes:

At least a 30-minute appointment with one of our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dentists who will carefully listen to your frustrations and goals before informing you on how, and in what ways, Calm & Gentle Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Following the judgement free initial conversation, your dentist will then give you a complete dental assessment to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and smile using various high definition digital radiographs (x rays) and high resolution digital photos available to view together within seconds. They will then explain each report in jargon free language to assist complete understanding. And finally, we can then present you with several options to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Summary of the 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment benefits are:

  1. Address your concerns and desires without judgement
  2. Complete assessment of your smile with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  3. Discuss fully costed treatment options suitable for you
  4. See suitable Before & After photos and Patient Testimonials as necessary
  5. Offer of Interest free or longer term finance options.