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Natural looking alternatives to replace your missing teeth.

Are You Self Conscious About Your Missing Teeth? Are You Having Denture Problems? Do You Want To Eat The Foods You Love?

Bank View Smile Studios offer “Calm & Gentle” Dental Implants at in Blackburn. Implants are a popular choice if you are looking for a new smile you can be confident with, or would like to be able to eat out in restaurants with friends without feeling uncomfortable.

Dental Implants are a great way for you to fill unsightly gaps and are a great alternative to partial dentures as they come without any of the clasps and metal work that you get with a partial denture.

They also help to prevent any further continuing bone loss which occurs when a tooth is removed.  With a dental implant you will be able to eat, drink laugh and smile with confidence (and the confidence that no one will know that the tooth isn’t your own!)

Before we go any further, let us share some of the lovely reviews that our dental implant patients have left for us…

What do our patients think about their treatment?

Muneer M.
I saw Dr khalid Master for an assessment of my oral hygiene and some cosmetic work of my teeth. It’s been a long time coming and there was lots of information I had to digest in this appointment to ensure I was looking after my teeth. This included complex steps to achieve the perfect smile I... wanted. Khalid was able to easily break it down and provide me with a step by step breakdown of affordable costs, ensuring I was fully informed at all points. As a doctor myself, I saw the good communication he has practiced over the years implemented to the highest standard. Dentistry may not be my field but I felt safe, comfortable and fully informed as his patient and I will definately be taking away some of his communication skills! The staff at the practice were really helpful in booking appointments and making the practice accessible for me around my busy rota. 5/5 stars!!read more
Marihah N.
I have been given advice for taking care of my mouth and teeth whilst having braces. They are very good and patient whilst explaining why I need to use certain tools to improve my teeth posture and health. This is a good place to take care of your teeth and is invested in helping and improving... certain thingsread more
Dawid R.
It is not a revelation to why this private dental clinic has been nominated and in occasions, won recent multiple awards.Dr Khalid Master extensively assesses presenting complains from the patient and shines light to the unknown. He elaborately discusses issues and anomalies in the teeth to take... a rectified approach on a treatment plan that empowers potential to transform your smile and confidence. This has been always achieved without any nuances from my 2 days of observation, where he is persistent to the challenges he has faced and in endeavour, actively listened to his realisations to understand how he is able to adapt in such complicated situations. He is truly motivated and invested in everyone's oral health, as evident when he routinely sees loyal patients throughout the past years.I recommend every aspiring dentist to undertake work experience here by his silhouette. He has a cohesive teaching style that enabled me to not only take notes of dentistry in general and how it works, but to be open-minded and appreciate the development it progressed from 'back in the days' to now. I have learned so much in a short span, where my time was revitalised by the variety of patients that came in for different procedures, especially with the dentist's dynamic engagement.The dentist cannot steal all the credit, though. The whole team definitely deserved my earnest gratitude. Without them, there would not be homely foundation for the dentist to embrace in, as well as redemption for the people that are seeking to mitigate tedious throbbing sensations or for a startling smile. They enforce that you have the knowledge needed to maintain crystal clear hygiene, you have been reserved a booking for a dentist for whatever the personal reason, and you are cared for in your visit.Thank you Dr Khalid Master and the team. Without you, this practise would not be outstanding as it is. Keep it up!read more
My mum brought me there and I remember being a bit nervous but now having met Dr Khalid, Bushra and everyone, I absolutely love it there!I had to get my braces for the first time and I’ll admit i was scared but if it wasn’t for Dr Khalid and Bushra I would’ve been a lot more worried. They took... care of my teeth so well and it was painless effort.Im only 13 years old and Dr Khalid managed to transform my teeth in only half a year! There was a time where my braces were removed and my teeth slowly moved back. But Dr Khalid and Bushra wasted no time and transformed my teeth with only 2 months to spare. And today my braces are finally off and everything feels goodIm so grateful to everyone at Bank View and I love everyone there!Thank you so so so so so much!- Mehreen Sayedread more
Abdullah S.
I recently completed work experience at this amazing dental practice. I was shadowed by Dr Master, an talented and incredibly intelligent individual who personally tailored me and showed me a wide range of skills which would be needed to be successful in Dentistry. I applied at many dental... practices for work experience, but Bank View Studios were the only dental practice which replied back to me and gave me a heartfelt welcome into their practice. I first hand witnessed many complex dental procedures but was awe-struck as the procedure would be completed to perfection each time. Every patient left with a huge and a newly transformed smile!I would like to thank all the friendly staff and especially Dr Master from the bottom of my heart for giving up their precious time and helping me with any problems I had and helping me purse my career as a dentist. I would highly recommend this brilliant dental practice to all!read more
I first joined BVSS in 2021, Before joining this brilliant dentist I was extremely nervous of any dental appointments, I hadn't visited the dentist in well over 5 years, I had such a bad experience at my previous dentist that I believed it would be the same anywhere but that genuinely wasn't the... case here at all, I couldn't recommend BVSS and Dr Khalid more. I have had a complete smile make over, I've never smiled so much in my whole life. In the past I would constantly cover my mouth every time I laughed or spoke due to how bad my teeth looked, They were badly stained, I needed several root canals and a tooth extraction. Whilst at BVSS Dr Khalid worked his magic and I've now got a beautiful smile, I can't help but show off my teeth whenever I can, I've had composite bonding on my top front teeth and my bottom, Khalid not only straightened the top but also created an illusion on my bottom teeth which made them look straight , as my bottom teeth are over crowded this caused them to become crooked but now with this illusion they look straight. Typically if I was told I needed to have a root canal or even a tooth extraction I would be absolutely petrified however with Khalid and the brilliant dental nurses I am always at ease and there is no pain whatsoever, I could honestly fall asleep through treatment. Khalid is the best of the best, I couldn't recommend him or his team more, I'm constantly getting compliments about my beautiful white teeth and I always recommend people come to BVSS, You won't be disappointed!read more
“I Can Eat An Apple Again Now”

Eat the food you love again!

Dental implants serve as artificial roots, placed into your mouth, that support fixed or removable tooth replacements. Implants can be used when one tooth or several teeth are missing, or when the whole jaw is completely without teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges are then produced as your replacement teeth. They are individually designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. These crowns and bridges are then placed onto the tooth implant, to create a fantastic new smile.

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Your dental implant questions answered

What are dental implants

An implant is an artificial root made from ultra-pure titanium that replaces the root of a missing tooth. It can be placed in either the upper or lower jaw and, in time, will bond with your jawbone to create a firm foundation to which a replacement false tooth is fixed.

When can teeth implants be used?

Tooth implants can be used for a wide range of treatment from one implant to replace one missing tooth, two implants to secure a loose denture, through to multiple implants to replace all the teeth in either jaw or even the mouth as a whole.

Can anyone have dental implants?

Yes, if you are over 18 and in reasonably good health. The main limitation is the amount of bone available. Our thorough assessment will determine whether dental implants are the right option for you.

Would I be suitable?

The suitability for dental implants is assessed on an individual basis. At your implant assessment appointment, firstly your medical history and medication will be reviewed, then your mouth will be examined and finally appropriate x-rays, scans, models, and photographs will be prescribed or taken. If implants are indicated, a full treatment plan would be developed together with an estimate of the costs of providing the treatment.

Do implants hurt?

No, all treatment is carried out under a local anesthetic. For very nervous patients we can offer intravenous sedation.

How are dental implants placed?

Dental implant treatment is a minor surgical procedure that involves replacing your missing tooth root with the implant. Dental implants have been used for many years, with an excellent success rate. Once your new implant has been placed we normally wait around three to six months to allow full healing, then we can place a new tooth. For most patients treatment from beginning to end takes around a year.

How many dental implants will I need?

This depends on how many teeth you have missing. As a general rule we can ‘bridge’ between implants, so if you have four teeth missing in a row we could place two implants at each end and suspend two teeth between them. If you have no teeth at all, then it is possible to provide a new full set of teeth with just four implants.

What are the added benefits of dental implantology?

When teeth are lost the bone that held them in your jaw will shrink. Placement of dental implants can preserve this bone, maintaining the shape and structure of the lips and cheeks preventing the ageing ‘caved in’ look of older people with dentures.

How much do dental implants cost?

Over time, dental implants will prove to be the most cost-effective solution to replacing missing teeth and the long-term benefits to patients are numerous. Moreover, their design mimics nature beautifully and elegantly thereby negating the ‘damage/trimming’ of neighbouring teeth that conventional bridgework often necessitates. We offer flexible finance options, such as interest free credit, to help spread the cost. Treatment plans with full costs are determined on a case-by-case basis because everyone’s needs are different.

Do you offer a consultation for dental implants?

We offer a “Calm & Gentle” 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment at Bank View Smile Studios. Just complete the form below or give us a call.

John Feels Like A 30 Year Old Again Now He Has Dental Implants

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Do you want to transform your smile in a calm, caring, judgement free environment at an Award Winning dental practice? Request a “Calm & Gentle” 36 point comprehensive smile and mouth assessment at Bank View Smile Studios. Just pop your details into the form below to get started.

Request A "Calm & Gentle" 36 Point Comprehensive Smile And Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios

For Your Comprehensive Assessment Which Requires An Investment Of £125 And Includes:

At least a 30-minute appointment with one of our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dentists who will carefully listen to your frustrations and goals before informing you on how, and in what ways, Calm & Gentle Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Following the judgement free initial conversation, your dentist will then give you a complete dental assessment to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and smile using various high definition digital radiographs (x rays) and high resolution digital photos available to view together within seconds. They will then explain each report in jargon free language to assist complete understanding. And finally, we can then present you with several options to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Summary of the 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment benefits are:

  1. Address your concerns and desires without judgement
  2. Complete assessment of your smile with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  3. Discuss fully costed treatment options suitable for you
  4. See suitable Before & After photos and Patient Testimonials as necessary
  5. Offer of Interest free or longer term finance options.

We offer straight teeth invisible braces, dental implants and dentures, all in a relaxed and ‘Calm & Gentle’ environment.

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