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Dental Crowns

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Improving the look and functionality of your teeth

Bank View Smile Studios: 57 Preston New Road, Blackburn, BB2 6AY

Dental Crowns are used to fix broken or heavily filled teeth that are on the verge of breaking. They can also be used to even out your smile and the shape of your teeth, giving you back your Smile.

At Bank View Smile Studio we offer a free initial consultation in which we will discuss the different types of crown available to you. Depending on the tooth and where it is located in your mouth we will help you to choose the best solution. 

The dental crown procedure is quite simple. Dental crowns are placed over the top of a tooth once it has been filed down slightly and roughened in order to help it bond. Dental bond is then used on top of the tooth, and the crown is placed. This bond will essentially cement the crown to the top of the tooth in order to keep it in place for several years.

Crown Your Smile At Bank View Smile Studios

For a completely Natural looking smile and if the tooth needing attention is in a very visible area such as the front of your mouth we recommend Porcelain crowns. With a porcelain crown no one would ever know that the tooth wasn’t your own!

We recommend Gold and silver crowns for the back of the mouth and areas that are not as visible. Gold and silver crowns are extremely durable and therefore ideal for those teeth that do most of the hard work when chewing solid foods.

We also offer a solution that offers a combination of both porcelain and metal crowns. If the idea of having a solid metal tooth replacement isn’t for you a porcelain crown with a metal core can be used to keep your smile looking completely natural and extremely durable at the same time.

A crown is attached to your existing tooth and for that reason they are the ideal alternative to dentures, you can eat and drink and smile with complete confidence. 


What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns or sometimes called caps, are used to restore and protect teeth which are broken, cracked or damaged in some way. We often use them for teeth that have had large amounts of decay and are no longer strong enough to hold a filling or on a tooth that has had a treatment such as root canal thereby protecting the treated tooth ensuring that you have a beautiful, durable long lasting smile.

Why do I need A Dental Crown?

The following are some reasons that you might need or choose to have a crown:

  • Your tooth is broken or damaged so much that it can’t be repaired with a filling.
  • Crowns can be used to straighten your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile 
  • They can be used to strengthen your tooth after root canal treatment.
What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

Crowns can be made from a number of different materials. Gold and Silver tend to be used for teeth that are not visible and need a very strong and durable material to give many years of trouble free use. We will use Porcelain for the front teeth and teeth that show when you smile or laugh giving you a completely natural appearance.

​How Long Will My New Dental Crown Last?

With good care and attention as well as regular visits to the dentist a high quality crown will last 10 years or more, but don’t forget just like your own teeth your new crown needs care and attention too. If neglected it can become damaged and need replacing. We will always advise you on the best ways to look after your new crown.

Request A "Calm & Gentle" 36 Point Comprehensive Smile And Mouth Assessment At Bank View Smile Studios

For Your Comprehensive Assessment Which Requires An Investment Of £125 And Includes:

At least a 30-minute appointment with one of our ‘Calm & Gentle’ dentists who will carefully listen to your frustrations and goals before informing you on how, and in what ways, Calm & Gentle Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Following the judgement free initial conversation, your dentist will then give you a complete dental assessment to establish the condition of your teeth, gums, mouth and smile using various high definition digital radiographs (x rays) and high resolution digital photos available to view together within seconds. They will then explain each report in jargon free language to assist complete understanding. And finally, we can then present you with several options to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Summary of the 36 Point Comprehensive Smile and Mouth Assessment benefits are:

  1. Address your concerns and desires without judgement
  2. Complete assessment of your smile with an experienced cosmetic dentist
  3. Discuss fully costed treatment options suitable for you
  4. See suitable Before & After photos and Patient Testimonials as necessary
  5. Offer of Interest free or longer term finance options.